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The Information You Need

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED. All students wishing to enroll into a program must submit a completed application and a copy of their high school diploma, transcript or GED. Upon receipt of completed application, they will be contacted by an admissions representative to schedule your entrance and financial interviews. Students are selected based on integrity, physical ability, emotional maturity, resilience, as well as commitment and ability to complete the full program. 


✓ Submit completed application form/package 

✓ Complete and submit enrollment agreement  

✓ Pay enrollment fee of $250.00 (non-refundable) 

✓ Sign and submit authorization for background check 

✓ Official transcript of high school, college-prep or higher ed institution /GED credential 

✓ Schedule & complete a personal interview with program director 

✓ Select arrangements for full payment of tuition. Late enrollment is accepted up to two 

    weeks from the class start date.


Technology Requirements:

Internet access and a modern browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 7 or later. Access to Microsoft Office 2007 or later. 


Skill Requirements:

• Sending and receiving emails

• Attaching and retrieving documents to emails

• Using search engines such as Google

• Navigating websites

• Ability to construct a document using Microsoft Word

• Saving and retrieving documents and files on your computer


Learning Requirements:

•Written communication skills 

• Self-motivated

• Organized

• Able to study independently


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How We Help

Early registration discounts apply for all programs.

600-Hour Massage Therapy Diploma Program Tuition       $8,000

A $500 discount is offered to those students who pay the full tuition 30 days before the first day of class. 

Included in Tuition:

Tuition Charges and Fees Included:

  • 600 Hour Accredited Program

  • Certificate for Graduates

  • One Time Registration Fee for MBLEx

  • Lifetime Alumni Continuing Education Discount

  • Ongoing Career Placement Support

  • Massage Therapy Certifications 


  • Books & Supplies:

    • Textbook Rental

    • “Trail Guide to the Body” ,6th Edition

    • “Trail Guide to the Body Workbook”, 6th Edition

    • Student Insurance

    • Spa and Hydrotherapy Course Supplies

    • Uniform t- shirt

    • NCBMBT Application Fee                  

  • Virtual Supplies : 

    • Exam Coach ( 6 month online tutor)               

    • Orientation and Graduation

    • Student Insurance with ABMP

  • Certifications 

    • Intro to  Pregnancy Massage Certification

    • Intro to Oncology Massage Certification 

    • Intro to Neuromuscular Massage Certification

    • Intro to Myofascial Massage Certification 

    • Intro to Trigger Point Massage Therapy 

    • Intro to Reflexology Massage Certification 

    • Intro to Lomi Lomi

    • Intro to Thai Massage 


Enrollment Fee: $250




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